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***Special Offer*** Factory Reconditioned 2011' A532 5 axis CNC Cylinder Head Porting Machine available. Excellent condition, one time offer, a recent trade in. New, tilt table (4th and 5th axes) latest design have been installed. Upgraded CNC console with touch screen, Windows 7, Wifi and the new DP7 digitizing package. Training and warranty included. US and Canada only. Machine demos anytime. Call John at (814) 353-9256 ext 101.

"Our CENTROID A532 has allowed us to dramatically improve our port designs, producing dyno-proven power gains of 36+ HP over our hand ported heads."

- Tristan Triccas, Trick & Mansweto Racing
NSW, Australia
APSA Pro Street Unblown Record 7.14@191.5 mph
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New A560 Port/Block CNC video. See both CNC porting and CNC engine block blueprinting and machining on the same machine.

A560 Port Block CNC Machine Tool Video

Click here to see the video. With the A560 you are now able to CNC both cylinder heads and blocks on the same machine! Our revolutionary no time port/block swap with no indicating necessary between machining heads or blocks makes it all possible.

A560 XL and A560 XL-PB are In Stock ready for delivery!
And don't forget you can always visit our HQ in Central PA for a personal
CNC porting and CNC Engine Block blueprinting demonstration.

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CNC Engine Rebuilding, Porting, and Blueprinting Machine Tools

CENTROID designs and manufactures 5-axis CNC machining centers designed for cylinder head porting, block work and parts, and 4-axis machine tools for engine block machining and rebuilding and parts. Race shops and engine rebuilders around the world have discovered the CENTROID Advantage: complete turn-key machine packages that reliably produce the most powerful race-winning engines and cylinder heads on the market.

2013' PRI CENTROID booth video.
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2013' PRI CENTROID booth slideshow. (click for full size images)


5-Axis CNC Machining Center - Port, Block and Parts

5 axis cnc machining center, cnc cylinder head porting and block machining
A560 Port-Block 5 axis CNC Machining Center


4-Axis CNC Machining Center - CNC Block and Parts Machining


CNC Engine Block Blueprinting and Machining Center
B4250 CNC Block Machining Center

Looking for CENTROID CNC controls and retrofits for mills, lathes, and routers? Visit our other site at www.centroidcnc.com 

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